Glimmering Ladies

Дмитрий БЫКОВ | Поэзия


Glimmering Ladies

You may have seen those Glimmering Ladies
Near towns’ and cities’ bustling shores…
Nirvana’s wisdom’s quiet eddies
Imbue their dreams with means to soar…

Their light is never meant to blind you,
But it attracts your wandering glance,
It warms the winter gloom around you,
Makes moonlight flow in rhyming lines…

Such brief encounters tend to linger
In dreams, where sea waves speak to cliffs,
They fill your startled pores with vigor —
Winds from a land that never is…

These Ladies smile and softly glimmer,
They know of secrets old as time,
They once saved Kay from Ice Queen’s splinters,
They’ve seen Prometheus in his prime…

They guided Jason’s Argo onwards,
They beckoned to Columbus’ barques,
And, heedless of the night storm’s horrors
Their hands changed wind paths for a lark…

Yet, most of those ladies’ roads are lonesome —
For reasons thousand and ten,
Patrolling unicorns withhold them
From crossing paths with Glimmering Men…

But, once an age, a sea change happens —
Through dream-sealed portals starlight tears,
Allowing someone brave and tireless
To make those first important steps…

On darkened streets, a Glimmering Lady
Will see a glimmer up ahead —
A figure, walking tall and steady
Through puddles, years and worldly dreads…

A few days later, at her doorsteps,
There will appear with setting sun,
Bathed in the light of once-trod roadways,
Her own, her smiling Glimmering Man…

Some years from then, one chiming morning,
Departing moonlight briefly sees
Two of the youngest Glimmering Offspring,
Encrusting sunrise with their dreams…

About the author:

Dmitry Bykov was born on 18 May 1965. In 1982, he graduated from the secondary school number 66 in the city of Krasnoyarsk. In 1983-1985, he served in the army, in the Vologda region. After the army, he married and worked first as a cook in a restaurant and then as a welder at a factory in his hometown. In 1989, he moved to Norilsk, where he lived for two years. Having returned to Krasnoyarsk, he opened a firm that manufactured metal doors, grilles and safes. In 2000, Dmitry ceased working due to 2nd degree disability. He had to spend seven years in hospitals, during which time he started pursuing the dream of his youth— becoming a writer and a painter. Nowadays, Dmitry is known for writing poetry and drawing with colored ballpoint pens.

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