«I have dreamed of a clear blue-eyed town…»

Геннадий ИСИКОВ | Поэзия

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I have dreamed of a clear blue-eyed town
Crystalline and chantant as a vision.
High-rise buildings there stayed around —
Clothed in steel, concrete and glass division.

And when sober rosy morning twillight
Cuddled me with warmth and touched my eyes
I appealed to the Altai running streamlet:
Listen, won`t you give me some advice?

Laughed at me and answered the little stream:
To the taiga your future does belong.
You are coupled with a viewless string,
And the water there sings her song.

I lived in the desert, city, mounts,
Years passed away as fast as blink.
But the flute of destiny quiet sounds
Led my way to Sikhote Alin.

Now I`m hanging out in taiga,
Holding conversation with the bees.
Through the trails of animals I come,
Guarding all the land, and find this please.


Three days till I`ll meet you – eternity,
Three days far from you – years of rack.
It seems the way is paved to infinity,
And I go to you on star track.

In summer blooming sudden snow –
The winter`s call,
Inconstancy exists on earth,
But I won`t cease to love you, no.


Your lovely sight I kept inside
and searched you everywhere —
in autumn’s eve, in golden leaves,
in winter cold as well.

In mountains among wild trails
my pathways had entwined.
I searched for you in desert sands
and also couldn’t find.

The forest whispers I adored,
The splash of wave on shelf.
I didn’t know where should I go —
And then you came yourself.


In Far East, so talked,
In Vladivostok,
Has streched out the Golden Horn.
Where loved ocean’s daughter,
The Japan sea water,
Embraces the coastline stones.

There seagulls are shining
In blue air laces,
The shoreless view astern.
I’ve dreamt from childhood
To see all the places
Of country I do belong.

And I saw the sky —
What a best-coloured pattern! —
Horizon until the end.
And nothing on earth
Inspires me better
Than my soviet native land.


We’ll turn out of the house
Hoariness and sloth.
And both idleness and dullness
Never will come close.

Moxie, come into my door,
Take the heart and dream!
Ноnest laugh now I adore,
Beaty of the real.

Darling, be forever mine! —
Prayer that I give.
You’re the reason of my rhyme,
And the cause to live.


Oh Primorsky region —
wonderful of lands!
You will find origin
In the forest hands.

Real world and dreaming
Make themselves complete
In the noise of building
And the goosy fleet.

And upon the weaving
Of the water view
Argue waves and seawind,
Just like me and you.

Of the ways, of humans,
Deeds and star above…
Days my, my affluence,
Let me give a bow!

About the author:

Gennadiy Isikov is a poet and member of the Union of Russian Writers and a candidate for membership in the International Union of Writers.  Winner of the third prize of the RSFSR Ministry of Agriculture in 1978, as part of the competition for the best publication on environmental protection.  In 2015 he was presented the diploma of the annual book award, nominated for the literary prizez of Antuan de Saint-Exupery in Paris and «Writer of 2015» in Moscow.

Born June 29, 1948 in the city of Almaty.  He moved to the seaside region with his family in 1972 and now resides in Dalnegorsk, Primorsky Krai.

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