The horses

Георгий МЕДИНЦЕВ | Поэзия


The horses

I see the steppe and the windy day sky.
The wide Don River looks asleep.
I hear the neighing, I hear the clatter.
A herd of horses moves through the steppe.

The horses run forward, the horses gallop,
Trampling the grass and flowers.
What’s making them race so wild?
Is it their thirst, or their fear, or their dreams?

The horses’ long manes swing,
Fluttering in the wind like flags.
The echo repeats horses’ footsteps.
And I look at them from the hill.

Their eyes are like agate south sky,
Darkening at short summer night.
But I can also see glimpses of fear
In their eyes, lightening with freedom.

The horses’ backs shine with sweat.
And the sun’s heat gets hotter and hotter.
The horses run forward, the horses gallop.
And dust flying from their hooves.

2001, Yessentuki

The waves slowly rolled into the shore

Dedicated to A.D. Larionova

The waves slowly rolled into the shore.
The sea dozed in the moonlight.
And I waited for the decision of my fate,
Filled with the shining of that magic night.

A marvelous garden blossomed in my soul,
The lilacs were fragrant there.
I tried to catch your starry eyes,
But you were silent, you said nothing.

The light-hearted wind caressed you
And touched your curls offhandedly.
I was jealous of you enjoying the wind.
I was drunk with your strict smile.

The sky gifted me with the moonlight
And the wonder of distant stars.
And my youthfulness gave me its happiness
And the light of your lovely eyes.

11.01.2008, Yessentuki

About the author:

Georgiy Medintsev is a poet and short story writer. He was born October 6, 1939 in North Ossetia, graduated from Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute and currently lives in the city of Yessentuki. His is an author of the book “The Aeolian Harp”, 2003. His poems have been published in the anthology “Biblioteka Literaturnoy gazety LIK” (“The Library of the Literary Newspaper LIK”) and in the almanac “Sovremennik” (“The Contemporary”). He was awarded the International Adam Mickiewicz Medal, Moscow/Warsaw, 2015.

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