A new best friend

Александр СНИТКО | Поэзия


A new best friend

Everyone gets hurt; it is a common rule,
No one is happy like in fairy-tales forever.
Who does believe that there is justice is a fool!
The so-called justice easily rips off our leather.

We all as one just scream and blame and cry
That life is terribly unfair and cruel.
There’s always this one question “Why?!”
The answer’s simple; we are living fuel.

The harsh and cold are happy — what a joke?!
Destiny has got the greatest sense of humor.
It breaks our fragile castles at a finger stroke,
But always pays a silly and pathetic human.

How many tears have dried on people’s cheeks!
We’ve lost so much because of this weakness.
Enough! We must smash down life’s idiotic tricks
By turning all the human hearts into a piece of ice.

Problems will go away, as well as our worries;
No one gets hurt, no one gets sick.
This poison will be only in old terrifying stories,
But not in our hearts, we won’t be weak.

Nowadays humanity is out of fashion.
The floor is given to a better quality.
C’mon, get up, do not be in depression!
Your pain will be washed off, meet cruelty.

About the author:

Alexander Snitko, a poet

I was born on 25 March 1996 in the town of Slonim, in the Grodno region. I’m currently studying at the Maxim Tank Belarusian State Pedagogical University. I’ve started writing poetry when I was in my second year. I felt an acute need to express my thoughts and feelings. Interestingly enough, I soon discovered that I’m particularly good at expressing myself in English. I suppose, this is due to the fact that I’ve always felt more attracted to the English culture, as opposed to the Russian one. I really want to succeed in conveying my thoughts and poetic imagery «beyond the sea»; to be understood by the Western audience.

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