Autumn Carnaval

Нэлля БАЕВА | Поэзия

Autumn Carnaval

Summer slowly fades to Autumn
Playing multicolored dress up,
Through curtains peeks blue heaven,
At the chirping of birds before sunup!

The forest prepares for its carnival
As for adornment, they spare no colors,
Rustling leaves scurry beasts to the ball,
An array of masks sported with wonder.

Bustling and busy with pleasant affairs.
The birds sing the bees a chorus of praise.
Conducting the rhapsody tree branches wave
In a rush, in a hurry, the wood offspring plays!

The rays of fall sun stoop to caress —
O, to remain and to soak in this warmth.
A magical carpet — lush lawn of grass.
Here I am found in this fairytale dream!

To Love Is To Give

To give, this, love’s deepest longing,
Requires every fiber, each ounce, the last breath.
Exuding both warmth and belonging,
So that no creeping doubt may be kept.

To be pure in the fervor of love,
The desire to ever be near,
To catch a glimpse of your dearly beloved,
And to not let in wane through the years.

At time’s precipice gently hold hands,
“My love” whisper quiet in peace,
Disallow any eminent harm,
Letting nothing befall your dear queen.

To smooth out the wrinkles with kisses,
To kindle the eyes’ flickering spark,
When your love you exalt to the heavens,
Then you feel like the man that you are.

About the author:

Nellya Bayeva, was born in Ukhta on March 17, 1946.

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