Birds draw birds

Виктория МАМОНТОВА | Поэзия


Birds draw birds

birds draw birds in the blue sky:
so mission accomplished –
why subjectivity isn’t performed,
as a free movement and dance?

I remember – I had to learn all things,
that I can perceive – and I see
no birds flying, birds flying without:
it is a fount of errors, gaps;

and yet in spite of everything –
birds draw birds in the white sky,
as a promise, eternal promise
of trust, openness and high seas…

Fox P2[1]

The yellow fox runs along
a song of silence – develops
from vast time to the device,
it exchanges, envelops twice.

But the things of the world –
things and signs of the Wold.
The twin fox fills a long –
space of speech – a void’s song.

[1] FOXP2 gene  is required for proper development of language and speech.

About the author:

Victoria Mamonova is a Russian poet. She is an author of three poetry books of: “The flexible shapes,” 2007, “The border of the light,” 2010, “Morpho Menelaus,” 2014. Her poems have been published in the anthologies of poetry, almanacs and literary magazines, like “Melodii proshlogodnikh otkrytok” (“The Melodies of last year’s postcards”), “Zolotaya strofa” (“The Golden Verse”), “Darial”, “Zelenaya Sreda” (“The Green Wednesday”), “Okno” (“The Window”), “Atlanty” (“The Telamones”). She is the winner of the 2009 International Poetry Contest “Zolotaya strofa” (“The Golden Verse”). Her poems have been translated into Swedish, Italian and Japanese. She lives in the city of St. Petersburg.

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