Dreaming near the hearth (vers libre)

Елизавета ЧЕРНОВА | Поэзия


Dreaming near the hearth (vers libre)

I want to be like the wind,
To blow out all wounds,
I want to be like the snow,
To melt down in palms.
If I could, like the rain,
Wash away all the woes,
And when flying in skies turn into sunset path…
I would like to wake up once a dew on the leaves,
To be covered in warmth, dreaming near the hearth…

(This poem could be read both from up to down and vice versa)

Memorial to Faithful People

(the music can be written to this poem and it can be performed as a song)

I`d like to put up a memorial for those who walk the line.
For those who remain together – one destiny being halved;
For those long ago decided, to be free of the judges malign
And look through the passing years into the eyes beloved.

For those who didn`t lose choosing another roads,
Those who lent the shoulder and forgot of their own,
Those who believed each other as if in ancient Gods,
Carrying through the hard times vows heavy, once sworn.

For those who in burning candle could discern light shining,
Who have shared their best songs many years ago.
Who have sparkled the fire from a candle so tiny,
Who keep clear of offences and take care of their home…

If one could imagine how many yet grace the planet –
I fear there be few, on the weighty scale of the world,
I`d like to put up a memorial made from quality, perfect granite
For those who found their love and saved it until the last word.

About the author:

Elizaveta Chernova was born on October 18, 1971, in Ryazan, where she lives now.

Education: higher economical. Graduated from the Faculty of Management and Economic Policy of the Moscow State open Univercity in 1998 with a degree in Economics and Management in the building industry.

Works as a customer relations manager. Divorced,  brings up her son Alexander who was born in 1997.

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