For the mystics of the earth

Наталья ХЕГАЙ | Поэзия

For the mystics of the earth

I saw a frigate in the sky today
Cloud shadows limitlessly float away
It sailed towards the mystic of the dawn
Towards the lanterns of the world to turn them on

Sunset is the forerunner of the dreams and calm
The threshold of the gloom and step towards the moon
It bares the edge for those going deep
So they with bravery will step right over it

The silver of the mystery on maple twigs
The goblet of the night holds its eternal wine
And moonlight so disturbing and it calls
It leads over the edge to the mysterious worlds

Soul listens and absorbs the light
It trembles like a leaf, holds mystery so tight
It draws a bridge for mystics of the earth
And in the stardust ships will sink without any bearth.

About the author:

NataliaKhegai, «I want my poetry to make people watch the stars in the sky more often. So that they will get deep into that sky, asking questions about the point of our existence. So that they will look bravely into the beautiful face of the Universe, and their souls will respond to their own inner magic».

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