Good night, my beloved city

Валерия ПАВЛОВА | Поэзия


Good night, my beloved city

Good night, my beloved city.
Please, turn off your lights,
Which illuminate the streets
At impenetrable nights.

Although wait. I want to enjoy
Your lights, before I leave it behind.
The clock, that had stopped,
Continues to tick in my mind.

But my thoughts hasn’t stop.
My memories are hurting my heart.
I want to forget some things,
But it’s really hard.

I miss October against my will.
I want to bring back that time,
When my soul was beautiful,
When it was easy to find a rhyme.

I watched the city lights,
“Which reminded me
Those almond-colored eyes.”
I can’t forget such poetry lines.

Good night, my beloved city.
I hope you can understand my sorrow.
Please, turn off your lights,
I’ll see you tomorrow.

About the author:

Valeriya Pavlova poet. Born on February 15 1998 in St. Petersburg. She started to write poems for herself in 2014. One day she just felt inspiration and wrote a poem about her idols (a musical band).

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