Hyperlink 33

Сергей БУХАРОВ | Поэзия

Hyperlink 33

We search for something via links through various networks
As if we’ve exiled ourselves in banishment forever
I don’t think that you care, who I’m with and how I am now.
But if you happen to ask — I’m okay, I’m just fine, thanks.
I bet my whole life, hoping you’ll do the same.

Hinged handle on the bus, like a loop to the neck
Another will gladly take your place if you go back a step
And how beautiful the sky is, how often I forget to enjoy it as well.
I want to get sick, as I did as a child before temperatures fell,
when you did not want to go to school at all…

I want to look at the sky and you, you and the sky.
At least for a week I’d like to forget how to walk the corridors
Just to sit back and watch the way you move, opening windows
To see your smile and your eyes,
not yet shrouded over by heaven’s veil
Ensure that there is still goodness in this world
Yes, we have sent ourselves away as exiles.

As if to spite us, the sky every day is getting further
But I know — important is not the time, but faith is.
I’d like not to turn away from this trodden ground
When the damned network reveals:
Your request could not be found

About the author:

Sergey Bukharov, was born in Moscow on September 28, 1989. First higher education in applied Mathematics at the Academy of Finance. Second higher education as an actor of theater, drama and cinema.

Institute of Russian Theatre (Workshop of Skandarov M.)

Nominee of the Poet of the year – 2016 national literary prize , the Legacy of 2016 award, the Sergei Yesenin literary prize called My Russia.

Author and composer of songs in both Russian and English.

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