I Am Happy!

Ольга ГОЛЯНДИНА | Поэзия


I Am Happy!

«Why are you so perfectly pretty?»
Unexpectedly you say. —
Today I am so very happy,
And you came with a rose bouquet!

I shine because you are near
I’ve been ever embraced as I was,
In your eyes, so soft and clear
I caught a hint, a glimmer of love!

Inside something stirred into life
And I know I am not alone,
As if when so sweetly revived,
From an unhappy dream I awoke. …

You said: «You are perfectly pretty
Your eyes glow as bright tongues of fire!»
My dear, I am so very happy,
Ever since I have you at my side!

About the author:

Olga Golyandina poet and writer.  Born on February 26,1984, she is a member of the Union of Russian Writers and the Russian Authors’ Society, nominee for Writer of the Year 2014, Poet and Writer of the Year 2015 and Heritage 2016. Author of the poetry collection, For You (2004). Was published in the first volume of the Moscow International Book Fair Catalogue of 2014 (09.01.2014), in the tenth volume of the Writer of the Year 2014 Debut (01.29.2015), in the seventh volume of the Ribbon of Saint George, as well as the ninth volume of the Union of Russian Writers.

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