I fell in love

Алла ДЕМЕНТЬЕВА | Поэзия


I fell in love

Today I fell in love with nature,
I see the dawn with other eyes,
And I descry the flying birds in the sky
For the first time in many years.

Today I fell in love with the mystery
Of heavy rain with thunder and bright lightning,
I fell in love with the cold crystal stream,
Replacing my sorrow with beauty.

Today I fell in love with the moonlight,
Which fills the night with the inmost tenderness
And fills my young blood with the pleasure
Of living leisurely in the world.

Today I fell in love with a panpipe,
Whose melody is so mellifluous,
And the lovely musical brook
Fills my soul with a new joy.

Everything becomes bright and ringing,
My heart beats tremulously in my chest.
I fell in love with the world without hesitation,
And you, my dear, love me too.

A cry from my heart

I walk on the slippery road through rain and fog.
My bare feet get injured on the asphalt.
Our stormy love affair is finished.
And now I can’t see a fairy tale sunset again.

I don’t want to sober up, I don’t want to laugh.
My world is crushed, leaving dust in my soul.
I can’t be with you again, I can’t be with you!
And every minute passes burning me in silence.

I try to walk forward with my ruined heart,
A passerby, give me a poison, I’ll drink it!
I turn myself into ash, into gray ash.
I dissolve myself in the cloud of our lost love.

About the author:

Alla Dementieva is a poet and fiction writer, a member of the Caucasian Mining Society, a member of the Union of the creative development of intelligence “Sotvori” (“Let’s create”), a member of the Russian Union of Writers. She was born June 30, 1990 in the city of Pyatigorsk and graduated from the Pyatigorsk Trade and Economic Technical School as a manager. She has been writing poetry since her youth. Her works were published in almanacs “Georgievskaya lenta” (“Saint George’s Ribbon”), “Rossiysky kolokol” (“Russian Bell”), “Nasledie” (“The Legacy”) and others.

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