«Of course, we can’t borrow time…»

Наталия МАЗУНИНА | Поэзия



Of course, we can’t borrow time,
And we can’t turn back life’s page,
And not all of us will grow old and grey,
And our faces don’t improve with age.

Of course, we can’t borrow time,
The passage of time is unforgiving.
And periodically we have to do boring things
Or spend time for work for our living.

But people have solved this problem.
It’s easier to realize your ambitions,
When you would stop to measure life in years
And begin to do it by the things worthy of recognition.

It’s not necessary to become a celebrity.
It’s enough that just somebody will remember
That there was a person in the world
Who was worthy of such memory.

Of course, we can’t borrow time.
People are nothing before the face of the universe,
But we are able to realize our dreams,
Creating beauty and not making the world worse.

In order to prove that our lives aren’t empty,
We aren’t measuring time in years.
It’s more important to know at the end of life
That we’ve done something good for us and others.

Of course, we can’t borrow time.
And time is the stern universe’s king.
It’s like the sea of infinite depth,
It’s simultaneously nothing and everything.


Human destinies are inscrutable
And full of contradictions, that’s my thought.
Sometimes it’s difficult to understand,
What is really important for you and what not.

Because of it, we are walking in circles,
And trying to finish without starting our way,
And carefully planning our distant future,
Not knowing what will happen to us today.

We are wishing to do everything
And not knowing which road to take.
We are spreading ourselves too thin,
And the longing is seizing us like a snake.

Our dreams are becoming broken
Because of our daily routine.
When the wind of regrets blows in our backs,
We are trying to hide our spleen.

We are lying to ourselves that our dreams
Were just something crazy that better to forget.
We are burying our hopes and expectations,
Convincing ourselves that we mustn’t regret.

And the meaning of life, that seemed so clear,
Is becoming incomprehensible with years.
We did it on our own, when we stopped to dream,
And our dreams were replaced by fears.

But I don’t know what we can do with it.
I’m not trying to save the world.
I still don’t know much about life,
And there’s no reason to trust my words.

About the author:

Natalia Mazunina is a poet. She was born January 8, 1989 in the city of Tula. She graduated from the Moscow State Humanitarian-Economic University. For her poetry she was awarded prizes of the 2010, 2012 and 2014 Moscow Youth Festival “Festos” and of the 2010 festival “Parusa nadezhdy” (“The Sails of Hope”), and the diploma of the 2015 Pushkin youth festival “S vekom naravne” (“To keep up with the times”).

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