Please Join Me People At The Feast!

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Please Join Me People At The Feast!

Embracing all The World with Wings released
Majestic bird, I’m flying through the Blue.
Please join me People at the splendid Feast
That’s bound to come so Soon for all of you!

And though this Feast is Earthly at first sight,
It celebrates the Glory of the Spirit.
Attend! Who’s ready to accompany my side?
I know that Everyone is able to Perceive it!

Oh spread your Wings! Embrace the Wondrous World!
Anticipating days of Greatest Splendor!
Let’s Glorify the Spirit, young and old!
And All of you deserve to be Remembered

And rushing to the Stars, to Heaven’s gates
The Spirit will Ascend fulfilled with Freedom.
The place of endless Miracles awaits,
Where Odes Divine are born so close to Eden.

Where Music of our Hearts resounds with steady pace,
Where Thought creates the Spheres that last forever,
And Spirit, The Creation of The Grace
Prepares the Bright New World for Future Era!

About the author:

Tatiana Antsupova, was born in the village of Ust-Tsilma. She lives in Syktyvkar. Graduated from Saint Petersburg State University of Service and Economics. Worked in the spheres of education, culture, insurance, network business, entrepreneurship, professional presenting.

She posts poems on website. Nominee of literary prizes «Poet of the Year-2015, 2016» and «Heritage-2016, 2017». I have publications in almanacs «Debut 2015», «Poet of the Year 2015», «Heritage-2016», «Songs 2016», «RSP. Verses of 2016», «The Russian Bell», and in the collections of «LIBRARY OF MODERN POETRY» project. Member of the Russian Union of Writers since August 2016.

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