Raise Your Love Up Off Its Knees

Александра АРСЕНТЬЕВА | Поэзия

Raise Your Love Up Off Its Knees

Raise your love unrequited up off its knees,
That is filled with the winds, with the showers of spring,
That’s awoken in absent tranquility,
And that’s punished by timid humility.

Raise your dream disappointed up off its knees,
That is clothed in a blizzard, remembered in breeze,
That was never abandoned, hesitating no longer;
It was never belittled, it only grew stronger.

Raise your pitiful sorrow up off its knees
With its ugly deceitful demeanor you seek;
That is killed in the storm, that is flooded with rains
With its numb and ponderous face.

Raise your faith that has fallen up off its knees
For its feeling is true, and your spirit is free,
And remember this feeling that’s hard to defeat
When the loneliest road leaves the dust on your feet.

Raise your love unrequited up off its knees,
That is stripped of its dress in the showers of spring,
That is woken in absent tranquility
Being killed with your timid humility.

About the author:

Aleksandra Arsentyeva, 38 years old. Married with two children. 

Poet of the Year laureate — 2013-2016

Member of the Union of Russian Writers.

Heritege award laureate — 2016, 2017

My Russia award laureate — 2017

World Literary Award laureate — 2017 

http://альзира-арсентьева.рф/ — personal poetry and writings. 

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