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Running along the edge of a chill precipice,
Striving to get rid of our diffidence,
Daring to look into the deep,
To continue on this ambiguous trip.

Everyone’s road is different —
Difficult or magnificent…
Long and cheerful,
Although, at times, fearful.

Red sun is shining bright —
The glory of a clear day.
As you tilt your head over the abyss,
Your fancy at once sends you into a fright.

But, we speed onwards with broad strides,
In our uneasy, opportune times,
Times, that make us cross
«Rivers where time no longer runs»…
But, staying oblivious of errors,
A person continues to run ahead,
To where certain success beckons.

We’ll Divide It For Two…

The dawn between us we’ll divide,
We’ll split the last loaf of bread in half,
You know, in my dream I saw a light,
Which was so blue, interplanetary…
Let’s get away from it all,
From this dreary, useless job,
And say that we’re lucky like never before,
Because we’re together, in love.

About the author:

Irina Odarchuk Pauly has graduated from the Rimsky-Korsakov Saint Petersburg State Conservatory (Piano faculty). She is actively engaged in concert and teaching activities. Irina writes music. She is a laureate of various international music competitions. She has authored two books and is regularly being published on the fiction portal Proza.Ru and the poetry portal Stihi.Ru. Also, she publishes sheet music. Irina is a member of the Russian Union of Writers and a Candidate for the International Union of Writers.

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