«So many different words…»

Елена ФЕДОРОВА | Поэзия



So many different words
Are in the world,
So many languages as do.
But only one is best for me
And only one is best for you.
We understand it very much
It’s raising us up high above,
Because it is the lang of love.


Paint my words in heavenly color
Don’t be afraid,
Don’t look at me with apprehension.
The destiny has connected us tightly,
So we are together
And sun shines brightly.


My dear, my Angel,
I hear you voice,
I dream, I want to be in Heaven.

My dear, my Angel,
Don’t leave me alone,
I cannot, I cannot, I cannot
Forget everything,
And start all my life
Start now from the beginning.

My dear, my Angel,
Let’s say words of love,
Regard me this evening,
This evening…


Let’s build the castle on the mountain,
Let’s build the castle on the rock.
Let’s stand together in the darkness,
Don’t be afraid of coming fog.
I’ll be with you, I’ll give you wisdom,
Embrace you, show you the best way,
I present you the crown of splendor,
Praise God the Lord. Praise Jesus, praise!


If I’ll see in to the garden
Little purple butterfly,
I’ll tell it: “O, my beauty,
Please, don’t fly away, don’t fly.
Show me how you are so pretty,
Give me pollen from you wings.
I need to write a song for princess
Let us it together sing.
Then princess looks at you, my beauty,
Little pearly butterfly,
Then princess looks at you, and asks me:
“ Please, don’t fly away, don’t fly…”


I’ll sing you song about love,
About dreams which are coming through.
I’ll sing you song, I’ll tell you how
I want to be with you, with you.
Do you hear my voice?
Do you hear my heart?
Do you remember, remember
Wonderful day, wonderful night,
When do we say together — forever?


Do you want to stay with me
On the bridge of flaming sword?
Do you want to pray with me,
Get grant and blessing of the Lord?
Do you want?


Miracle things will happen at once.
Miracle things are important for us.
Miracle things lift us to the sky.
Do you believe that you can fly?
Do you believe that miracle things
Help us to receive powerful wings?
Be ready to get
As a gift Miracle things…


All dreams come true.
All words bring love.
All breaths give power and freedom.
Remember this, my friend,
Don’t cry.
Lord God gifts you His blessing wisdom!


I’m thinking about you,
I am counting minutes and days
But I know, you can not come,
Can not choose the shortest way.
Figures can not turn into the bridge
Or get the Pegasus with strongest wings.
I am waiting for you and dreaming
About many fantastic things…
But I know without a doubt
You are angel, my love, my soul.
To be with you and share the love —
Is the best and wonderful goal.
Every minute and every day
We must choose the way of God.
Please, forgive me and be with me,
Get the love which to us gives the Lord!


I’ll certainly go with you,
But not now, not, not today.
This will happen someday,
I promise.
Wait for this wonderful, special day…

About the author:

Elena Fedorova is a poet, a writer,  a member of the Union

of Writers of Russia, a member of the International Union of Writers, Playwrights and Journalists. She is an Honored Cultural Worker of the City of Lobnya, the author of more than 200 songs for children and adults, as well as 25 books (4 for children) in Russian and 3 in English.

She became a finalist of the award «Writer of the Year 2014», was included in the list of the top 100 best writers; was nominated for the National Literary Prizes «Poet and Writer of the Year» and «Nasledie» («Heritage»).

Her project of songs for children «Zolotaya Strana» («Golden Country») in collaboration with the composer Vyacheslav Gridunov became the Laureate of the Prize of the Governor of Moscow Region in the category «Care for Children» in 2013.

Elena worked as a flight attendant for Aeroflot – Russian Airlines, then later as a journalist for the television and radio company «Lobnya».

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