The Horizon

Сергей КИРПИКОВ | Поэзия


The Horizon

I am looking at the horizon now.
I asked myself since my childhood:
Is the happiness beyond the horizon
Better than happiness in my neighborhood?

Romantic thoughts in my brain grows like grass,
Although my daily routine is like sands.
But the invisible thread of daydream
Always enticed me to see distant lands.

I would like to go the places,
Where that invisible thread goes,
Where there is no place for sorrow,
Where life is like a blossoming rose.

Living with hope to gain happiness

Brightest hopes are warming your heart.
You are going toward your destiny,
Daydreaming that you will gain
Your happiness that you need desperately.

There comes a day, when you think
That you’ve almost achieved your goal.
You are taking last steps toward it
With a joyful anxiety in your soul.

But then, you suddenly understand
That it was only a mirage on your way.
And bad weather reigns in your thoughts,
When your happiness is moving away.

You are looking around your life
With real disappointment and sadness,
Unwittingly asking yourself, “Where is
The footpath that leads to happiness?”

But you have to bear your cross.
So, shake off your blues and sleepiness!
And you are going forward again
With hope to gain your happiness.

Flying in a dream

I often see a dream, in which
I’m flying high above the ground.
I’m flying freely like a bird,
I’m looking joyfully around.

I’m wondering if I can fly.
All things beneath are small like dots.
I’m flying with a gleeful feeling,
My head is full of happy thoughts.

When I wake up, I’m feeling sad
That it was just a lovely dream.
Then, I’m remembering all day
That dream, which makes my eyes agleam.

And then, at last, night comes again.
I’m flying high in my new dreams.
My heart is singing, I am happy
To fly all night among sunbeams.

About the author:

Sergey Kirpikov is a poet. He was born May 20, 1960 in the settlement of Lesobaza in the Yarsky District in the Udmurt Republic, Russia. He served in the Army for more then 30 years, and now he is a military pensioner. Sergey Kirpikov began to write poems when he was fifteen, but stopped to do it during the years of his military service, and started again in 2007. He is the co-author of the poetry book “Three unique poets,” that was published in the book series “Viktor Yerofeyev Introduces a Writer” in 2014. His works were published also in the almanac “Rossiysky kolokol” (“Russian Bell”).

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