The mise en scene of death:

Владимир ШЕМЕТ | Поэзия

Шемет Дерябин

The mise en scene of death:

I now tear my letters
I now move the shelf
I lost my own pen.
I’ll sign whatever treaty
Makes certain that the chasm
Should walk in step with me
Forever and again.
When you’re asleep after the shot
I’ll be here with you watching, seeing
The time flies by like seconds, eons
Like when you run a couple blocks
And even when you are in pain
Your company will light my way
To me you’re always well and living
Cold as led, just as hard, foreboding
I must not think about the past,
Lest it appears in linen, hanging
Between two poles, drying fast
So smooth, and clean remaining.
The past will light up here and there
With friction yet unseen
Until there I myself appear
Caught in a worldview changing.
So how do I untie this knot
Of kinship inseparable,
That has some of a witchcraft lot
And things quite as heavy as metal
I welcome all oncoming traffic
Although it is out of my way.
All deviations I take in stride
For out of the way I stray.
I find my rest and quiet peace
In any shelter small or great.
Iniquity and vice may tease
Lost in wallpaper print I stay.
I am not at one with everyone
And out of sight I’m used to live.
I usually listen all alone
Concertos for a solo violin.
So on my own I returned
To yester world, to yesterday
Not to complete but to go on
And there my shadow still remains.
The shadow has suppressed and killed
The impulse to break free from chains
There all has been serene and still
Without any goals to aim.
The autumn leaves
All know how to recite.
But wind would steal
All words from in their minds
There’s water all over
That shows reflection
And once or so in a way
The past occasion.
To save her honor and her face
Her Majesty did scourge
Severely, although she grew pale,
Her lover out of mercy.
From then, to keep the court in awe,
The white would clothe her face.
If one chose blushing over law,
He was beheaded with disgrace.

About the author:

Vladimir Shemet. Murmansk, Russia.

Member of the Russian Authors Association; the author of six books. Worked in the Northern Navy

Theatre. His favorite authors are T.S. Eliot, E. Dickinson, and F. Kafka.

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