Winter Fun

Людмила БЕЗУСОВА | Поэзия

Winter Fun

It’s calm… Scarce snowflakes flutter
Like little ballerinas,
Into dewdrops they turn when stuck in shutters
Of her fair curls. Her name’s Arina.
In felt embroidered boots
And downy shawl,
With hands in warm wool mittens
She’s waiting for Ivan,
His dapple-grey horse and sled
With ringing bells and jingles
And ribbons on the harness blue and red,
With lights and Christmas symbols.
The sled is rushing through the snow,
The horse is setting pace
Arishka is a daring girl
She jumps into Ivan’s embrace.

In Winter Fairytale

In this snowy forest tale
It’s pretty and every sound’s gone!
Dresses so white and pale
That winter has put on.
And frozen stand the brides
In snow-white bows
And snowflake pendants
Tiaras full of stars
Veils on birch trees
Beauty spots look like pearls
Shawls on rowans
Just like on Russian girls
Bunch of berries like corals
Covered in silver fringe
And with his chest auroral
There is a little bullfinch.

Thank you, Arbat!

Dawn’s asleep just like that
In a pink tender dream
And you came to Arbat
For a date there with me
You will wait by the clock
A bouquet in your fist
Like tsunami I flow
And you get my first kiss
Just to greet on the cheek
No embrace and no passion
We’ll spend the end of this week
In a cheerful fashion
Oh, Arbat! My Arbat!
Buzzing, glowing with light
In his arch stands Bulat
He is always alright
Crazy street poet holds
Him by hand in elation
And he loudly repeats
Okudzhava’s creations
Cute Natalia and Pushkin
Sending out their greetings
People huddling in
Very willing to meet him
And to feel the fabriсs
Of their suits so profound
Oh, Arbat! I am with you!
With the great ones around

Morning Starts With Love

First ray of light through window pane
To bring the greetings from the sun it came
It makes you smile just like a little child
You need a shoulder to feel warm and reconciled
Your heart will beat so fast. It’s racing
A candle will light up in our souls
A wave of joy will come down chasing
And happiness will overwhelm us all!

On Forgiveness Day

On Sunday of Forgiveness
Oh, Lord, have mercy, please!
My friends, will you forgive me
That there’s no time to meet
And for not calling often
Forgive me, please, my folks
And for the night so shortened
Forgive me, please, my love
Forgive, my one and only
My life, you are my muse
For the mischief have mercy on me
For what I have abused
My sister, I’m so sorry
I’m feeling so obliged
Not knowing the whole story
You saved me and my child
I’m sorry, mom and dad
And I forgive you too
You gave me all I had
In life and I love you

Goodbye and Hello

Another year is passing
It has not been in vain
Amongst us all, the masters
There was some striking gain
It peacefully leaves us here
So fragile yet maintained
Like celebrated winner
Of the Olympiad
We say, Farewell
And don’t be back!
New year! Learn it well!
Please bring no war, no wreck.
Be happy and be loved
Be well on all the earth
You’re vital to us all
From last one to the first
Bring tenderness and love
To everyone in need
Give shelter, food and work
To those who starve indeed
And please bring much success
To Russian sovereign state
So it without a stress
Will rule its own fate.
May there be earing crops
And kids be born in peace
May this New Year be
Like one we dreamed of, please

The Bells Are Ringing

The bells are ringing! Hear the ring
And let this crystal clear sound
All of the earth with kindness fill,
Repent in people’s bow
And in our dreams we pray to God
Oh, Russia take good care
We wish you peace against all odds
Your strength and might we’ll share
Those jingle merry Christmas bells
Are lit with holy lights
Where Lord was born named Iisus
And so was born the Holy Russ

About the author:

Lyudmila Bezousova, has been writing poetry since she was 9. Her first poem «Our home» was published in «Pionerskaya Pravda» and her dream came true when she got to go to the pioneers camp Orlyonok.

Since the day she was born and until she turned 17 she was brought up in foster homes. In 1972 she entered the medical department of the Red Army Kuban Medical Institute. During her junior year she became a Lenin scholarship holder, she graduated with honors, and in 1980 after she was through with her clinical internship, she worked as a surgeon for 9 years. In 1990 she becomes a transfusiologist of higher category in blood banking and then the head of the blood banking in Armavir.

 Since 2013 she has been a member of the Russian Union of Journalists, and a member of the Russian Writers’ Union since 2014. She is also a Poet of the Year Award laureate, and the author of 15 books of poems on various topics.

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