«You enjoy listening to the wind…»

Наталья ХВОСТИКОВА | Поэзия


You enjoy listening to the wind…
I love to watch the burning flame.
It’s sparks rising into the starry sky…
Drowned by the wind in night’s shade.

Of all that breathed and warmed,
Of all that used to be whole,
Of all that teasingly blazed,
Only slight ashes are left.

You no longer savor the wind.
I’ve learned to avoid the flame.


At sunrise, like a tear all a-glisten,
«Don’t forget this… «, a dewdrop had whispered.
«Don’t forget this… And I’ll be by your side,
As a spark on your palm, still alive».

About the author:

Natalia Hvostikova, is a teacher of Russian Language and Literature at the MKOU SOSH Palikskaya No. 1 public school, Duminichsky district, Kaluga region. She graduated from the philological faculty of the Tsiolkovsky Kaluga State University (2012). A published author since 2006, her works including such anthologies as «Waiting» and «Writers and Poets of the Duminichsky district». Since 2009, a member of the Russian Union of Professional Writers. A stipendiary of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation (2015).

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