Blind city (synopsis)

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Сергей Карамов

Blind city (synopsis)

The film focuses on the amazing and astonishing adventures of a tourist called Angel. Unexpectedly, he finds himself in a city not designated on the map, an unknown city named “Novouriupinsk,” with its highly peculiar and distinctive lifestyle, from which for some reason it is impossible to get out of or leave behind. Blind deputies people the local government, executing and carrying out the instructions of the mythic director of a computer center, whom none of the inhabitants has ever seen. Moreover, no one has seen or heard of the computer center. The inhabitants, together with the government deputies, get all their news only from the local radio.

The city observes the outward appearance of a democratic rhythm, resulting from a special “zombification” of its inhabitants and parliamentary elections with only two parties, aptly called “Roving Along” and “Always Assent.” An enmity toward other people alien to the city’s population blossoms—people with a different hair color than the rest of the city’s dwellers. The spectator will be animated by this interesting theme, where reality makes them laugh at this phantasmagoria, where the living meet historical figures such as Karl Marx and Buddha and where the new exists alongside the old and even the obsolete, which must die off. The scenario is written in the author’s peculiar genre of “grotesque realism,” where reality harmonizes with the grotesque, the exaggerated, and the phantasmagorical, describing tragic-comic situations. Perhaps the spectators will note similar moments in their own lives in this tale. But the story is a lie, to which it only hints and alludes.

How does Angel make it through and what does he decide? How does he get out of the blind city? And how will he help the city’s inhabitants exposed to this special “zombification” get out of their blind stupor? To find out, watch the film…

About the author:

Sergey Karamov is a a writer, novelist, short story and play writer. He was born August 3, 1957 in the city of Baku in Azerbaijan. He is PhD in Medical Sciences and currently working as a doctor in Moscow. Sergey Karamov began to write stories in his late school years, but then spent many years finding his own writing style. He was awarded the prize of the 2009 International Playwriting Competition “Eurasia”, the diploma for the winning in the category “Playwriting” of the Competition among the authors of the book series “Viktor Yerofeyev Introduces a Writer”, the “Diamond Duke Prize” of the 2015 Duke of Richelieu International Literary Competition. Sergey Kamarov is a member of moscow city organization of Union writers of Russia.

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