«It seems that the heart is open wide…»

Валентина АСТАПЕНКО | Поэзия


It seems that the heart is open wide,
The cry of the soul has gone to the sky. . .
How to put up with this fate of mine
If you mean too much to me?

Night interlocutor

A phone rang in the night,
“Speak. I’mlisteningtoyou!
You know, its rude to be silent…”

Suddenly sounded a familiar bass:
“All roads to you are washed away,
We are now strangers, let forever pass.
What am I in this bleak an alleyway?
Standing around, going somewhere too?
The summer, may it not have gone from you?…
Maybe we both can share the pain.
Two living suns, of shimmering blue
Somewhere I’ll meet your eyes again. . . “

A quiet voice — so strong and so tender.
My heart sank and missed a beat.
Truly, forgiveness again did I render.
Was there a call in the night?

About the author:

Valentina Astapenko, was born on January 6, 1950. She lives in Usolye-Sibirckoye. She has been writing since 1982. Has published several collections of poems, including «Snowdrop», «Here we are», and a book of prose «How far is it to happiness.» She is a member of the International Union of Writers and participates in international contests.

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