Street poet

Валентина ШУНТИКОВА | Поэзия

Street poet

Poet of the streets, child of a megalopolis,
He can hear at night the sounds of the outer space
Documenting carefully everything he hears
Dreamily he puts down what real love is.

Fiery but timid, tender but brave,
To the feelings of humans, all he had he gave.
He sees what is hidden from everyone else,
Overtaken with passion he always creates…

His thoughts and ideas will melt in the streets,
The starving artist, everything just out of reach.

He will not be noticed in the everyday crowd
As indifferent people are rushing around.
Always in a hurry with empty blank stares,
They live by the minute and no one cares.

He holds up his light. He walks and he walks.
Despite every «No», he opens new locks.
He is willing to share what happiness is,
Collecting it piece by piece.

He’s writing his verses… While the city sleeps… While quiet it keeps…

About the author:

Valentina Shuntikova, has been writing poetry since high school. However, her work has not been published until recently. Since 2014 she is into music and music video production. Collaborating with a young composer, she started a band called «BV$».

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