The letter to a man

Валентина ШУНТИКОВА | Поэзия

Валентина Шунтикова

The letter to a man

I’m writing you a letter… Yes, the times have changed.
And people also change with time.
Perhaps, I have regrets about our break up.
We went against our hearts, it was a crime.
How long ago we met to talk.
I don’t think paper letters can break the ice.
The veil of the night is embracing my shoulders,
The stars are looking into my eyes.

The honey we collected together was sweet.
I’ve forgotten its bitterness, journeying through the days.
We both lost the duel between us.
Now, we are walking different ways.
And I don’t know where my road leads.
Our life is whirling like a cyclone.
I’m writing you because I’m sad without you.
But who knows, maybe you’re not alone…

My soul wanders the streets,
Especially at night and in the rain.
And memories about days I spent with you
Pierce my soul like bullets, causing pain.
But I can say my life is going well.
Only my heart is sometimes full of tears.
Not long ago I had a night dream
In which I saw my past happy years.

I beg you, dear, don’t laugh at my words,
Even if it looks a little silly,
That my heart fills with life again
My desires that rested stilly.
Life paints with new brushes.
My dreams have scattered like ashes.
In my heart you are the only one.
With love, only yours forever Valentina.

About the author:

Valentina Shuntikova is a poet and fiction writer. She was born November 22, 1991 in the city of Pavlodar. She graduated from the College of the Omsk State Pedagogical University. She wrote her first poem at the age of five. For her writing, she was awarded the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.


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