«Winter is sitting…»

Сергей НОСОВ | Поэзия



Winter is sitting
on the stage
made of splayed spruce branches.
In the stalls, we are drinking our morning coffee
with April sun rays.
And we can see above us
a cheap chandelier
with eyes of yesterday’s summer.
It looks down
at madness of pompous words
and at the stumps of the trees of hopeless hopes,
which trunks
are sawing by the grey-haired actors
behind the scenes.

The clock on the wall
is old-fashioned, like the girl in white
at the window.
Outside the window,
there is garden and, of course, some flowers.
And naturally, it’s autumn.
The flowers are withering.
And the girl is sad.
She is holding in her hands
an old-fashioned lace handkerchief.
And the fog is swirling,
and the words are exquisitely beautiful,
and the sadness is ethereal,
and the wineglass is filled with silence.

About the author:

Sergei Nosov is a historian, philologist, literary critic, essayist and poet, Grand PhD in Philological sciences and PhD in Historical sciences. He was born in 1956 in Leningrad (in 1991 the name of the city was changed to Saint Petersburg). His works of different genres have been published in many Russian literary magazines, like “Zvezda” (“The Star”), “Novyi Mir” (“The New World”), “Neva”, “Sever” (“The North”), “Novyi Zhurnal” (“The New Journal”), and in the Paris Russian-language newspaper “Russkaya mysl” (“Russian Thought”).

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