«You are where winds come together in dance…»

Валентина МОЛОДОВСКАЯ | Поэзия


You are where winds come together in dance,
Where autumn wings cover the sky.
There fate holds a cup of true love in his hands
To bless and unite you and I.


Today I love. I wish I’d loved before.
Today I speak. I’ve stayed too long in silence.
I made my heart as hard and cold as diamonds,
My mirror’s judging gaze I did ignore.
Today at last I leave my pride behind
Absurd, but I’m relieved to have thrown it away.
I used to wrap my sorrows in my pride,
I don’t want to hide my love today.
Today the sparkly silver birds of tears
Fly off my eyelids, saddened by the past.
My home if filled with hope, fenced by trees,
I risk my last remaining crumb of trust.
I won’t turn back. I choose to settle here.
Perhaps, I waste my tenderness. Who knows?
But where in winter I may drop a tear,
There in spring a snowflake will grow.

I am waiting

Burning candles in broad light of day,
I will render no tribute to distance,
I won’t mention the sadness of dates,
I demand no regard or remembrance.
I‘ll enjoy little twinkle of flame,
I will open a door to delight,
I will offer to autumn some blaze
From my soul that is now revived.
Always stay by your side, no doubt.
Everyday love grows loyal and true.
It is okay that the candle burns out.
You will wait, for I’m waiting for you.


I have dreamed of a pair of stallions
White and pure flying over snow
And of clouds majestically galloping
On a heavenly silvery road.
A white eagle will give me two wings
For my horse oh so wild and untamed
Rivers of milk invite mares to drink
And I’m riding Pegasus to space.
He is laughing together with flurries,
He’s entwined with a blizzard in dance,
So I would only dream of white verses
In this raven-black night of romance.

White verses

It’s time to start with a clean slate
And set to zero our past
For even icebergs stand the waves
The smallest ice floes prove robust.
And winds with white majestic wings
That fly above the snowy cover
Will paint a picture of the things
That we are destined to discover.
And pure slates of sparkling crust
Show no sign of separation.
But painted there are both of us,
According to the fate’s intention.

As long as I love

As long as love lives on in me I live,
I see though time, I fly with no restrain,
In order to embrace like summer wind,
To touch your shoulder like warm autumn rain,
To fall on your rough palm like tiny snowflakes
And melt in spring into a vernal brook.
I want you to remember, always, always
That I can fly forever over you.


I know you can’t return bygones
The thick of time is hard to pierce
And love is more than just a noise
And care is more than mere pity.
And I’m the only one at fault
That deadening the sound of sense,
My love has shared my abode
As if a soul that’s lost her place.
One day you came across my love,
But — what a shame — you failed to see her.
She wandered in this summer sun,
Where phantoms last for many years.
You always, always pass her by,
But no verse could tell your soul,
Our spirits’ bonds you can’t untie.
Do not go by! Do not let go!


Volatile, flighty, restless,
Yielded to spring night’s force,
Such an odd thing — a poetess —
A woman loyal to verse.
She will stretch to the Moon
An iambic parallel.
With the Dipper she’ll spoon
Bright starry nonpareil.
Into puddles she’ll pour
Welcoming April’s warmth,
So that rainbows bloom
Over the weary frost.
She will commit to learning
The wisdom of springtime night,
So that sunny morning
Tramples the icy crust.
She will forge out of silver
In the deep of the heart
Vast and smooth azure mirrors
Better than your Grand Canal.
By every melody’s notes,
Poems’ rhyme and rhythm,
She will declare to the Earth
Of the arrival of spring.
The Astral clouds disperse
Blinding blackness of night
A woman loyal to verse
Is the spring’s sister of light.

About the author:

Valentina Molodovskaya, lives and works in Ekaterinburg. It is an ancient, big and beautiful city in the central part of Ural, with amazing people living in it.  They are metallurgists, mechanical engineers, chemists, nuclear power engineers, and representatives of the most advanced spheres of science. They are the architects of modern buildings and inspired artists, writers and poets. Most importantly, they are open, friendly and very good-hearted people. Otherwise, they are true romantics and sincerely believe in love. She knows them very well since she is a journalist. Graduated from the Ural State University many years ago, and later from the Ural State Service Academy in order to be able to work alongside these people, to reach up to their level and serve them. Her heart and soul are entwined with their hearts and their special Ural soul. That makes her one of their own, and also a romantic and, consequently, a poet. She is the author and co-author of several books and collections of poetry, published in magazines and anthologies. Her poems, however, are not about large-scale construction or smelting furnaces. They are mostly about love. But that is the feeling that is very similar to glowing hot smelted metal breaking through the furnace vent. And sometimes it is as gentle and caring as a quiet sunrise over the mighty Ural ridge, guarding the morning sleep of her vast land of workers. Love opens up hearts in people and lights their souls. Is itnot what makes a person so fascinating?

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