Buried juwellery box

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Buried juwellery box

Historical novel

An extract

Henry Fellows’ funeral, apart from his neighbors, was attended by his brother Patrick (their father did not show up), his wife Rebecca who was in a wheelchair (she was paralyzed from the waist down after a heart attack), George Melshem with his daughter Eva (Melody had taken mentally ill, and was placed in a mental hospital), also Georgia Melshem-Fellows with her husband and their son Adam (Ralph became the sole heir of his non-biological father, due to his sister’s incompetence).

It was the second time in his life that Patrick Fellows saw his own son, but he never told him the truth. He noticed a small silver pendant on his grandniece’s neck and remembered his gold one in the form of a rope knot, given to him by his brother’s widow. Coming up to his own grandson and his daughter-in-law, Patrick asked permission to present Adam with a little mascot, and put a necklace on his neck. Georgia saw a mirror resemblance of the pendant to her niece’s, but said nothing. She also noticed the look that Rebecca Fellows gave her brother-in-law. It betrayed love and despair.

As agreed by the family, Ralph Fellows became the rightful owner of Bradby. His mother expressed a wish to go to Leicestershire with his uncle Patrick, who promised her all the necessary care and treatment from the best doctors.

As for George Melshem, he decided to stay in Derbyshire until he could take his wife and the mother of his daughter with him.

None of them noticed the female figure in black standing at some distance from Henry Fellows’ burial place. She was hiding behind a tree, watching the scene. The woman was Megan Cole. None of the Fellows or Melshems ever wondered where she had gone after her master’s death, because almost every servant left Bradby without giving their reasons.

About the author:

Reseda Shaykhnurova was born in 03.01.86 in Perm.

Published: an essay called “Love in Knut Hamsun’s Work” (Inostrannaya Literatura, 2009); the short story “Black Rose” (Po Stopam Sharlotty Bronte, 2006), the poem “Ode to the Second World War Victors” (Rossiysky Kolokol, 2016), script “Rocks of Islam” (Rossiysky Kolokol, 2015).

Books: Sapphire, Daughter of the Monastery, Demon, Captain Deloir (in the style of English female authors of 19th century.)

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