He, She, and the Horror

Игорь ЧИЧИЛИН | Проза

Fear? Well, let’s talk about fear: what can be more interesting and sweeter? When you sleep, and you do not see, as a snake slithers into your bed slowly and gracefully in its own way, almost lazily, and not in a hurry, only hissing softly, rustling with shiny scales. It sneaks, no, it’s just doing its thing, thoughtfully and carefully as it can. And, of course, you wake up, when it sinks its sharp fangs into your face, and you see its vicious, nasty snout, but do not even have time to get out from under the blankets as you fall asleep. A sleep of a very different kind…

“So. What was my point? Oh yes! Good night…”

“Good night,” he told her and even kissed her before bedtime, kissed on the cheek cheerfully, and he went to his room.

«And what’s he doing there?» with a whimsical and a little sad sigh, she thought.

And he was creating a horror there…

Every night, especially in the night, because day is not the right time, he was making and building, growing, and writing, creating and sculpturing — in short, he was creating a horror. Fear grew rapidly, literally by leaps and bounds. «Hmm!» — he grinned, pleased with himself, gazing at the growing horror, and wiped off his bloody hands, as the blood, of course, was one of the main ingredients. Closer to morning, almost in the morning, tired but very happy he came to her and went to bed. At that moment, she was watching her unknown dream, but he did not care, since the Horror occupied his mind much more.

Time passed, day after day, or rather night after night, and finally the time had come when the Horror was fully prepared, it remained only to press a button and breathe life into it. He pressed the button, but breathing life he postponed for tomorrow, to allow sufficient time for the long-awaited triumph, and went to sleep.

That night, for some reason his wife slept poorly. Whether it was stuffy, or she drank too much coffee in the evening, or too little attention paid to fitness during the day – in short, she tossed and turned and awoke repeatedly. The moment in which he came, she had just turned over and woken up… or not, on the contrary, she had woken up and turned on her other side … or …anyway, their eyes met, their heart rates quickened, the soul fluttered in a heavenly rush. «Ah, well, — he thought — today is the day, everything is ready there.» And he joined her.

At that time the jar, where the life for the Horror was, which in his rejoicing he carelessly placed on the edge, fell and broke. The life flew out of it, filled the room and, of course, it entered the horror. And the horror, which needed only that one thing, absorbed it and was revived. If the inventor had seen how easy it turned out, he probably would have clapped his hands with joy, but he did not see it, he was busy elsewhere.

“Ha!” said the Horror, squaring its shoulders.

Although, in fact, it did not have any shoulders. The Horror was the embodiment of emptiness and nothingness, only turned inside out and painted black. It just thought it squared his shoulders, because it would have fit the rollicking «Ha!» extorted of its bottomless mouth when it became quite alive. The Horror jumped off the workbench, where it had been all the time, and padded its terrible feet to the door, without thinking at that time that he was born just a minute ago and was unable to walk yet. Then he slipped through the keyhole, without bothering to open the door and shuffled forward. He walked around the house, sometimes passing through the tables and chairs if forgot that they needed to be passed by, and finally showed up in the bedroom where they have been together.

“Ha!” said the Horror, because it didn’t know any other words and stared at them with its naïve eyes of just born fear.

They broke away from what they were doing, each surprise in their own way. He, because he did not expect to see the horror come to life today, and did not know how it happened. She, because she saw the horror, but was not in a mood to be terrified. And the horror was just surprised because of its youth.

“We-ell,” he said, looking sternly on the Horror. — And how can I understand this?
“Ha!” said the Horror.
“Oh! What’s this?” finally, realizing that she needs to be afraid, she screamed.
“That’s my Horror” not without pride, he said, and stroked her reassuringly.
“Ah,” she spoke knowingly.
“Ha!” said the Horror again and moved toward them opening its horrible mouth.
“Stop!” He commanded,“Otherwise, I will turn you inside out. Eventhe paint will not help” you’ll become emptiness and nothing again.
”Ha …” said the Horror to itself offendedly.

The inventor looked sternly at his creation, dissatisfied with its behavior. However, somewhere deep down, on the contrary, he was confused. After all, the Horror was alive — it could see, hear and even speak a little. Now it had found him at the exact wrong time: in bed with his wife at the most intimate moment. Lying naked under the covers, the inventor felt uncomfortable, though depicted on the face of the severity and discontent. He had to get rid of the Horror somehow, especially now whenthe inventor wanted to be alone with his wife and continue what he had started. He frowned; then with even more severity, glared at Horror and said:

“There’s no need to stand there and stare. At night, you cannot go into someone else’s bedroom. Come on, get out of here, and I’d better not see you again tonight. “
“Ha-a,” the Horror said dejectedly, already quite crestfallen. Then he turned and walked slowly, aimlessly. Rather, just plodded because of resentment, he lowered his eyes and, looking sadly at his feet, went ahead.

Thus, going through the wall, he entered another room, but without noticing, he went further and further. Soon he found himself on the street, continuing his same sad wandering, looking down. In truth, he did not need the road, as he easily followed through the shop and a couple of trees, through the fence, then, having met on the way the house next door, he walked through it. It is good that the neighbors at this moment were asleep and did not see the resentful sad thing past by them. Back out on the streets, the Horror kept going and went on and on and soon completely vanished, disappearing into the distant darkness of the night.

The inventor in the meantime wanted to continue the interrupted activity. When the Horror was gone, the inventor sighed dissatisfied and just in case shook his head more harshly. Then he vanished the severity off of the face, turned to his wife and, bending over her, smiled. And, here he realized what had happened. His smile, at first kind and affectionate, suddenly froze, ceased to be living, and turned into something unnatural, held in this form for a moment, and then began already quite awkward when eyes took fright extended expression, and his lips were in a stretched state, he just forgot about them.

“What happened?” starting to frighten, too, looking up at him, his wife asked.
“He’s gone,” said softly the inventor, without changing the eyes, but his lips at the same time ceased to be stretched.
“Well,” she said, charmingly smiling and hugging him.“Now, we have no one bothering us.”
“NO, you don’t understand,” still tense and not succumbing to her charms, he said.”I told it that I do not want to see it again, and it left …forever…”
“Yes?” carelessly and almost capriciously she said, annoyed that he did not pay enough attention to her.

The inventor suddenly jerked his body away and dramatically jumped out of bed, frantically putting on his clothes.
“Where are you going?” she said in surprise.
“Just a moment” in a hurry, he said,“I’ll be fast. I have to return it” and not speaking to her, just under his breath muttered softly: “What have I done? Why did I say that?”

Then he finally got dressed, ran around the house and on not finding the Horror, rushed headlong into the street. It was night, quiet and empty, a cold wind blew across the barren street, leaving just emptiness, darkness and cold. He looked around, but could not see the Horror. Then he walked quickly to the right, left, looked over the corners of the house, but there was nothing. He tried to call the Horror and had already drawn the breathe air, but then realized he did not know what to say, shouting in the street: «Horror! Horror! » it seemed so silly, and could be misunderstood if anyone heard. He paced back and forth, staring into the darkness, but everywhere was empty. A pair of pale lanterns illuminated the street, in the neighboring houses there were no lights on. He thought that even if the Horror was hiding somewhere nearby, it would be simply impossible to see it because it was made of darkness and nothingness. The situation was completely hopeless. He rushed down the street in search for the Horror, but the Horror had long since gone, only the cold night wind blew yellow dry leaves over the asphalt.

In fact, the Horror was lost. It had to be accepted. For the oncoming darkness of the night, the inventor finally returned home completely heartbroken and almost in tears of despair. He sank wearily into a chair, without even taking off his shoes and sat motionless, staring into the space in front of him. He had just made the Horror. How glad he had been when it was all done! And now … Did not really have time to look at what he was like when alive. Nothing at all. The Horror had disappeared. Everything, everything was gone…

And what about the Horror? Around that time, when the inventor was desperate to find him sitting at home, mourning the loss, the Horror, on the contrary, just came to his sence from walking in the fresh air and was no longer sad. He stood still and looked around. Night darkness everywhere, rare lights lit up the street, it was quiet.

The Horror stood looking at the house and trees, night sky overhead. He was curious. He was seeing everything for the first time, of course, because his life had only begun today. Bushes and benches. The Horror liked the stars. He stared at them; his head thrown back, or rather, he just looked up, because, in fact, there was nothing to throw back.

Suddenly he heard footsteps. The Horror became alert, breaking away from the stars, and looked in the direction from which someone was walking toward him. Steps approached, the Horror waited, standing in the dark. Soon, he saw that it was an old lady, walking down the street, a little slowly, apparently wanting to hurry to be home away from those dark and terrible night streets. The Horror waited a little longer, until it was close enough, and then came out of the darkness, appeared in front of her in all of its terrible beauty.

“Ha!” said the Horror with a terrible voice, revealing its bottomless mouth.
“Aaaah!” the frightened old woman screamed when she saw him.

She pulled away, pushing her back against the wall of the house, but then suddenly changed in the face, smiled, and stopped noticing the Horror, and as if nothing had happened walked briskly down the street, almost dancing at the same time. The Horror was pleased, contentedly smiling and watching her.

That is what it looked like from to a bystander. But what actually happened? Perhaps, in order to understand this better, we have to return to that distant time when the inventor was only going to make the Horror, thinking up what it would be. However, it is more important not so much how, but why he created it. And he created it for quite a specific purpose… The fact was, that the inventor was a brave man; he did not like fear and did not only dislike it in himself, but also in all others. So, he set out to conquer fear, to bring happiness to mankind, to get rid of his fear of anything. Of course, to win, you need something stronger. And what is stronger than fear? Of course, the Horror! So the inventor decided to make a Horror to defeat fear forever.

And I must say, he managed it! Because, as we have seen, the old lady, who met the Horror, stopped being afraid, was spared from fear. For the Horror, in fact, fed on fear, literally eating it. And when he saw the old woman, obeying the instinct inherent in him, frightened her in order to extract her fear. The old woman, of course, was afraid of something terrible, that appeared in front of her, and showed her fear, which was then immediately eaten by the Horror. For the old woman who has lost all fear, everything became easy, and she no longer noticed the Horror, because without fear, she could not be terrified. Therefore, she easily walked on, even forgot her fright and the Horror as well.

Yes, the inventor was an ingenious creator! What he created was a dazzling achievement (hmm … dazzling?)!His invention was made consciously, and worked perfectly! It is sad that he did not know about it.

And he at that time was in deep sorrow, mourning his loss, and did not even know about the successful test of his offspring. However, he probably suspected. He knew that, eventually, the Horror would want to eat, and then instinct would tell him where to get food. Yes, probably. But all this was only speculation. The inventor could not see, or, more importantly, control this process. He let out a sad sigh at the thought of it. Where is the Horror? What happened to him? Is he still alive at all?

The Horror was very much alive, even cheerful and happy, rather grinning having tasted fear. He liked this occupation; he enthusiastically padded down the street, hoping to meet someone else at this late hour. However, the hour had ceased to be late, and soon became early as morning came. But the Horror still managed to find another passerby and conducted the same operation for the removal of fear.

The next day, or rather, just early in the morning, a peep to dawn, the inventor left the house and set off in search of the Horror. He walked around the city, looked at all the dark and most secret corners, but all in vain — the Horror was not there. Having not slept all night, the inventor was completely exhausted from running through the city, and finally returned home, tired and soaked to the skin by constantly drizzling cold rain.

“You’re all wet!” clasping hands with anxiety and concern, the wife said. “And hungry, you have not eaten anything since yesterday. How is that possible?”

He just gritted his teeth in response, and without saying anything, went straight to his workshop to reflect on his miserable fate. He sat there until he felt really hungry and wanted to sleep, growing cold and weak. The upshot was that the inventor came down from the cold and lain in bed for a week, if not more.

However, that, of course, was not the end. Because this week the Horror wasted no time. He walked around the city and fed on the fear of everyone who came his way. And he came across many, almost all, as all citizens somehow walked the streets, and the Horror was never left hungry. However, he liked to work at night more. During the day, it was somehow wrong, the day is very interfered light, due to which he could be seen from afar. It is very sad when some passer-by noticed something black in a couple of houses and ran away, frightened, and the Horror at such a distance could not eat their fear. Therefore, the days he spent in a dark basement of an old abandoned house, waiting until it gets dark and went out only when it became really dark.

Horror was insatiable; in his bottomless womb so much fear placed, more then there was in the whole world. Sometimes he came across the whole company, Horror opened his mouth and his great — bite — the company has moved on, but with absolutely no fear of the drop. Once, the Horror came to an area where there were many people. He had not expected such crowds and he was confused at first. But then, he set to work, eating and frightening the fear out of everyone and everything. Oh, and he sweated at that time! Even his terrible jaws of a huge and bottomless womb could not accommodate such a large number of fear at once. The Horror paced the area in a hurry, frantically gathering fears, but was not able to «serve» all, some people still fled, taking with them a fright. No, it was too much. The Horror realized that his ability is not unlimited, and since then began to avoid large concentrations of citizens.

In the newspapers and on TV they began to report that in the city there is something terrible. It was discussed by those who for various reasons were still able to get away unchanged by the Horror. But it was all the same. Because those who went on the Horror quest eventually found it. But on finding it they were cleansed of fear and as if nothing had happened came back, assuring all that there was absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

The inventor, of course, read articles in newspapers and watched on the television messages about it. He knew what was going on, but being confined to bed with a high temperature, bitter cough and poor general condition, could not do anything. His wife constantly took care of him, she gave him pills, fed him with a spoon, put on compresses and mustard plasters — in fact, he was bored with her care and overly assiduous courtship, always reminding that he is weak and infirm. Although, of course, it was done with the best intentions. She liked to take care of him and she was pleased that finally she could completely take care of him. She sighed sadly, looking at his exceedingly high temperature on the thermometer, shook her head and started showing even more intensive care. She really wanted him to recover, but deep down, she probably liked the fact that he was always with her, and not locked as usual in his workshop. She was constantly beside him and did not go out even to the store, ordering food and medicine to the house. Thus, by the end of the disease the inventor would clearly associate her with pills, mustard plasters and a thermometer.

They had a little controversy, converted into a scandal about when he could get up and go out. The temperature was already down to normal, and the cough had almost ceased. The inventor did not want to lie in bed and was about to go in search of the Horror. But his wife flatly refused to let him out of the house and even out of bed, saying that it was too early and he has to wait another couple of days. She screamed, trying to prove it, and to top it started to cry, so she plunged the inventor into complete despair and robbed him of every kind of will. He was forced to submit with a lean smile on his face, but was inwardly wildly irritated and angry at her.

In the meantime the Horror continued its horrible act. Soon, the city had almost no one left who would not have been in his terrible hands. The city was virtually devoid of fear, no longer afraid of anything. Fearless old women crossed the street at a red light fearlessly and were killed under the wheels of cars that were driven by fearless drivers. Fearless students skipped school fearlessly. Workers fearlessly violated safety rules. Fearless subordinates fearlessly expressed everything they think to their superiors. Sales women fearlessly cheated buyers. Fearless police fought with the equally fearless Mafia, fearlessly throwing themselves in front of bullets, and one no longer remained on the sidelines. On the whole, the city was becoming a mess.

The inventor, who eventually managed to get out of the house in terror clutched his head, looking at what ensued. After all, he did it! Or rather … However, it was still his handiwork. But he wanted something completely different, he did not think it would be so, because it was a very kind and humane goal he had reached for … But the Horror went out-of-control, obliterated all his plans. The inventor thought to use it very carefully: on scouts, or, say, astronauts and only later, gradually at everyone. Anyway, it had to be thoroughly checkedd first, tested before going on to people, but as it turned out … What can I say! All went very wrong. The inventor with horror (or rather, without the Horror) observed effects of his invention, and in a panic rushed through the city in search of the Horror, to take him home, and finally to stop this disgrace.

The Horror spent days sitting in a dark basement and went out only at night. Though, the times were not the best for him — the Horror began to starve. Having eaten almost all the fear in the city, now, he could more and more rarely find anyone who might still be afraid. However, the fear in people did not disappear at all, or rather, not forever — eventually it quietly reappeared. But it took a very long time, and it reappeared very slowly. However, the horror did not despair, every night wandering around the city, and persistently seeking the coveted fear.

The inventor also walked around the city and looked for the Horror. Several times the Horror saw the inventor from afar, but always at the same time tried to run away and hide, remembering the words of the order not to be seen by him again. The Horror was docile and, certainly, the inventor could easily manage him, if only find and tell him anything.

In fact, the inventor was in despair — he did not succeed in finding the Horror. Several days and nights in a row, his searches did not give any result. The inventor did not know what to do, how to rid the city of the Horror. Once again, he was returning home with nothing, sadly wandered down the street and looking in front of a detached look tired. Going into the house, he stood in the doorway, frantically looking around corners — this habit has been ingrained in him during the last days of continuous search. But then he realized that he was at home, and there was certainly no Horror, is the right place in the city where he cannot be. The inventor smiled sadly, then sighed sadly and began to take off his coat. His wife came to him.

“Again went late to the night?” with caring reproach she said. “Dinner has long gone cold, and you are wandering somewhere. Anyway, do not you know that you cannot walk for so long outside after you’ve just been sick?”

The inventor gritted his teeth and said nothing, went into the room. His wife followed him.

“At least dress warmly,” she said “otherwise you can get sick again in this weather.”

The inventor said nothing, trying not to listen.

“And why do you need it?” she continued. “You’re not little anymore, it’s time to leave it all up and live normally like everyone else.”

Then, he could not resist anymore:

“What?!” Suddenly exclaimed the inventor. “Leave?! Yes, you …” he paused, looking at her. “But it’s your fault” suddenly with a quiet, but very terrible voice, he said. “It’s all because of you. If not for you … I would never … It’s because of you I said so. It’s all because of you…

He suddenly got dizzy eyes whether from fatigue or from anger, but rather from both at once. He swayed and lifted his hand to his forehead. His wife noticed it.

“What happened to you?” she rushed forward to save him by all means.
“Nothing!” He replied sharply, pushing her. “There is nothing with me! You’re always annoying with your concerns! How … how … “ he could not find a suitable comparison, and it angered him even more. “That’s all! Enough! I cannot see you anymore!” he shouted. “I have been there … And you … Ah! — He waved his hand and strode toward the door.

“Where are you going?” Surprised andnot offended she said. “I have dinner …
“That’s all! I’m leaving! Stay here …”

He grabbed his coat and, slamming the door, jumped out into the street. She sighed and stared after him.

The inventor had gone, disappearing into the darkness in an unknown direction. She was left alone. She went through the house, dusting, tidying up and kept thinking, sighing: «Where is he? What about him? Is he hungry? »

But the one hungry was the Horror. He scoured the streets in search of fear, but never found it.

The next day, the wife of the inventor was going to a store. She got dressed and went out to the street, perhaps, for the first time during this period. She slowly walked a familiar road, barely noticing anything around, and kept thinking about the missing husband. Tender autumn sun was shining from heaven that day, the trees rustled in the air, golden leaves, but she did not notice it all — her thoughts were quite different. And then she saw him. She froze, staring at what appeared to her.

The Horror grinned satisfied — finally! Finally, he found a victim! Because the Inventor’s wife all this time have been sitting at home, and her fear remained in tact. The Horror was pleased. He was desperate to find someone with fear and was now going out to hunt even in the daytime, because that night certainly did not give any results. And he met her.

“Ooh!” horror said, having learned a new word (picked up on the street) and he was awfully proud of himself because of it.

She looked at him, on the verge of being frightened, and immediately realized that this was not the thing to do. Thoughts raced through her head like a whirlwind, she remembered that the inventor talked about the Horror. And he, of course, talked about his invention, lying long boring days sick in bed, and she was aware of how the Horror «works». She was scared, but she knew that if she’s frightened, she’ll lose the fear and stop noticing the Horror, and she needed him. She suddenly realized it. After all, the inventor is looking for the Horror, and if she is not afraid and will be able to bring him home, and the inventor will come back to her. Yes exactly! And let the Horror also be in their house — well, it’s okay — most importantly, that her husband would be with her. She wants it, she was so poorly without him, of course, because she loved him. She must bring home the Horror, and then everything would be okay. For this, she simply needed not to be afraid, that’s all, it’s that simple! Yes … Just? Try not to be afraid when this is in front of you.

She stiffed her lips and froze, staring at the Horror. And the Horror has already opened his mouth, ready to eat delicious fresh fear. But there was no fear.

“Ooh!” Surprised once again said the Horror, repeating for the slow-witted.

But she was not afraid.
“No need to scare me” instead plaintive voice she said, “better go home.”
“Ooh!” the Horror said even more terribly, showing the most grim aspect.

She felt creepy all over, so much she was scared, but she did not allow herself to be scared.

“He’s looking for you,” she said“he needs you. He did not mean to offend you.”
“Ooh?” the Horror suddenly hesitated, but then he shook his head … or rather … well, drove doubts away. He frowned, calling on all his skills of nightmare Horror, and howled quite eerie with chilling voice“Oo-oo-oo”
“He didn’t want to say that,” almost crying she said, “He didn’t want to banish you from his sight,” tears started rolling of her eyes, “Let’s go home,” she said. “Please…”

No, it was unheard of! How come? Do not be scared? Of him?! He scares her and she is not afraid … How can this be?! Horror was сut to the quick, to the most horrible quick. Such behavior of her cast doubt on his skill, his ability, reputation as the Great Horror, as the Lord of Terror, like … Oh well! It was a challenge! Challenge to him, the most horrible of horrible, nightmare of nightmares. No, hecouldnotjustleaveit this way.

The horror began to frighten her with all his might. He did not remember about hunger, as his feelings were hurt! He tossed and jumped in front of her, opened his terrible jaws as if to swallow it. She was no longer able to utter a word, and just trying not to be afraid, knowing that only this can everything bring back.

The horror inflamed and grew. His size grew, his power acquired unprecedented power. He rumbled thunder and lightning metal, hurricanes roared and thundered rockfalls. Tornadoes and typhoons, avalanches and tsunamis were in it, all the most dreadful and terrible, that can only be in the world, he called to his aid. She stood in the middle of that rather dead than alive. The Horror thundered and flashed, howled and exploded.

It was very scary and very loud, so terrible, that people in the city, even devoid of fear, could not miss this. They gathered around and the universal power of the Horror once again instilled them with fear, they were afraid again and fearfully looked at what was happening in front of them. But the Horror did not notice them as they were the last thing on his mind, he wanted to, had to scare the woman, the only one present who refused to be scared…

Lightning and thunder from the Horror could be seen and heard for miles around. The inventor, who was at that time in another part of town, saw them. He immediately realized that this was the Horror, but did not know why he got his gage up. Nevertheless, perhaps it did not matter, since it became clear that now the main thing would be where to find him. Needless to say, the inventor immediately rushed there. He fled with all haste, hurrying and breathless, fearing that the Horror would again disappear somewhere.

However, the Horror had no intention of hiding, he went wild, even though he felt that he was beginning to get tired. All these horrible actions took a lot of effort. All the savagery and wildness began to subside gradually. The Horror did not want to retreat, but could no longer be quite terrific. Gradually he decreased, less lightning appeared from him and the hurricanes did not have the same power. The Horror did not give up, but his strength was failing. Soon he returned to his former size and he became no more of a nightmare than a small child. The Horror was defeated; he had to admit it. He was not able to scare just one weak woman. He was defeated and humiliated in front of the many citizens gathered around. Nothing to do but retire in disgrace. And this was exactly what he wanted to do it.

“Ooh,” he said in the end, but rather plaintively than menacingly.

Just at that moment, the inventor appeared. Reaching the scene, he made his way through the crowd and saw his wife, who was lying unconscious on the ground with the Horror standing over her. The inventor realized immediately what had happened here. He rushed forward, ignoring the Horror, bent over the motionless body of his wife. However, she soon regained consciousness and even smiled when she saw him. The inventor gently picked her up, just glanced at the Horror, and took her home.

Of course, she soon recovered. After this incident took place, she took the key to the inventor’s workshop, so he would no longer get caught up in there all day and, most importantly, all night. The inventor sighed, but he could not object to it. In the end the shop turned into a pantry, full of old unwanted things. He spent most of his time with his wife, began to sleep at night and invented no new horrors. She just enjoyed looking at it. In fact, the inventor began to live like everyone else, and in the evenings, coming home from work, he diligently ate all of his dinner cooked by his wife and only sighed when recalling the Horror.

The Horror floated up to the stars. He settled there in a black hole, where fears gathered from all over the galaxy. It was good for him, and he had not even a thought of returning to Earth, knowing that he would never be the most horrible there. Because among all the frightening things in the world, love is more terrible that any horror.

About the author:

Igor Chichilin, is a writer, poet, engineer-physicist, programmer.

He was born on Moscow in 1966.

Graduted from MEPHI (Moscow Engineering-Physics Institute). Worked for MRTI (Moscow Radiotechnical Institute) as an engineer, for Scientific-Production Enterprise «Pulsar» — leading engineer. From the beginning of 2000s, he works as a programmer.

In 1997  was admitted to the Writers’ Union of Russia. He graduated from the Higher Courses of the Moscow Literary Institute of Literature and Literary Skills Courses. Author of the books in the genre of science fiction, is published by «Eksmo», «Terra». Published in anthologies and collections in the genre of prose and poetry. His articles, poems, short stories have been published in various newspapers and magazines of Moscow.

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