I’ll stay in your mind

Ольга БАХАРЕВА | Поэзия


I’ll stay in your mind

Dedicated to Veniamin Ivanov

I’ll stay in your mind
And turn into Lilith under the moon,
I’ll penetrate
Through window frames!
I’ll steal you from your wife!
I’ll give you fathomless sky
And realities of mysterious worlds
Where you haven’t been yet,
Where there is love without words!
Drunk stars fade.
Dawn sneaks to Moscow.
You’ll possibly remember though
That all this wasn’t in a dream!

Moscow, April 2015

About the author:

Olga Bakhareva is a poet and short story writer. She was born March 31, 1981 in the urban-type settlement of Kolyshley in the Penza Region. In 2012, she graduated from the Moscow State Humanitarian-Economic Institute as an editor. For her poems, she was awarded diplomas of the 2009 Moscow Youth Festival “Festos”, the Pushkin youth festival “S vekom naravne” (“To keep up with the times”), the 2012 festival “Parusa nadezhdy” (“The Sails of Hope”) and the diploma of the International Union of Writers.

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