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Анастасия ЛЯМИНА | Вступительное слово

-Анастасия Лямина

Dear readers and authors, you hold in your hands the first issue of the English literary magazine – The Russian Bell. It is a new publication of the British branch of the International Union of Writers, developed with the support of the London literary award, the Award of Vladimir Nabokov and Russian magazine “Rossiskii kolokol” (The Russian Bell). The publication is certainly going to become the main high-profile English mouthpiece of the two international awards.

This issue was released with a circulation of 20 000 copies and presents modern Russian literature to a wide range of English readers. A vast wealth of creative authors will be revealed through this project! These are not only our regular authors, such as: Geörgy  Medintsev, Anatoly Izotov, Olena Rostova, Natalya Bednaya, Olga Bakhareva, Galina Belomestnova, Rezeda Shaykhurova, Alexander Filatov, Irina Odarchuk-Pauli, Gennady  Isikov, Liudmila Tymchuk, as well as some fresh ones in contemporary Russian literature…Though, I don’t see any sense in enumerating all of the publication participants as you can get to know them and their fellow writers right now. In the two parts of The Russian Bell you can find peculiar pieces of work of famous English authors sympathetic to Russian culture and translations of Russian writers’ works into English.

The Russian Bell magazine has a wide geographical distribution in the UK, the US, Canada, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Israel etc. A considerable part of the publication is distributed to libraries and creative organisations throughout Europe and the North American continent.

Now, dear authors, you have the opportunity to present your creative work to not only a wide range of readers, but to the western literary elite as well.

Anastasia Liamina, journalist, publicist, chief editor of the Russian Bell magazine, associate member of the International Union of Writers.

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