Beyond the horizon

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Beyond the horizon

Beyond the horizon, above the darkest clouds and bright sun rays sinking into the lake, the ghostly stars shone. They couldn’t yet be seen from the earth. But the sky was getting dark, and there was a little time left before the stars became visible. Among the pale and sad shadows of the trees bent over the water, you could see the figure who was walking in the grass.

As the sun sank into the lake and the sky became studded with the night stars, the mysterious figure stopped, looked carefully into the infinite distance of the universe and whispered, “The air is filled with bitter longing for the bygone contemplation of life, but some lonely rays of hope also float in the air like webs, which put together pieces of our lives and give us peace. As the cool summer wind sways the grass, so destiny sways lives.”

The figure stood, looking intently at the sky until dawn, and at first light went slowly toward the city, toward new meetings and events.

Beyond the horizon, the blue sky shone, mottled with storm clouds, which presaged heavy rain and deafening thunder.

The owl

Flying above the lake, an old owl was staring at the gleaming clear water. In the reflection, the owl saw its own shadow, slipping through the darkness of the shiny black bay, and a clear glimpse of some bright light.

The owl looked out into the distance and saw a shooting star in the sky. The star shone, blinding the owl and enticing it to the distance, where there were hundreds or thousands of the same lonely little shooting stars, which could be found and collected for further admiration of their indescribable brilliance.

As a butterfly flew toward the sun, trying to burn itself in the bright rays of death, so the owl flew to the moon. The owl got close to the surface of the lake and tried to touch the water with its wing, but the reflection of the moon only slightly trembled, and the small waves began to spread out in all directions, drawing the attention of the silvery owl, which became interested in what kind of world is beyond that brink.

About the author:

Tatiana Genis is a short story and fairy tale writer. She was born in 1992 in Moscow. In 2015, she graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Culture as a journalist. She began to write stories in 2009. Since 2012, her works are regularly published in the almanac “Rossiysky kolokol” (“Russian Bell”). She was awarded the diploma for the winning in the category “Supernatural fiction” of the 2014 International Contest “Novoe imya v fantastike” (“The New Name in the Fantastic Literature”) and the International Adam Mickiewicz Medal, Moscow/Warsaw, 2015.

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